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Beginning Events Albums links to four different albums: What It Was, Excavation, The Well, and Foundations. These pictures of our house being built show what the ground looked like before excavation and during excavation. Pictures of our well and the foundations are also there.

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Building The House Albums links to eight different albums: Materials, Framing, Wiring, Steel Beam, A Little Helper, Our Roof, Siding And Gutters, and Stonework. The kinds of pictures included in these albums are delivery of materials (lumber, heating ducts, windows, etc.), walls going up, steel beam being delivered and placed, roof trusses going up/being installed, electrical wiring and meter, along with trenches and the front of the house stonework. Casey Sutherland stars as the Little Helper in A Little Helper album.

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Interior Items Albums links to five different albums: Central Vacuum And Structured Wiring, Insulation And Sheetrock, Miscellaneous, Nursery, and Painting. There are pictures of vacuum pipe routing with vacuum canister, wiring cabinet with conduits/wires, and insulated and sheet rocked areas. Miscellaneous album has some pictures of different house interior areas. Nursery (subsequently Emily’s room) pictures are also presented. The Painting album has some pictures showing colors of some areas.

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January 21, 2015 Solar Panels were installed. Authorization to turn the panels on came in early February and they were actually turned on February 7th. By that time all but 6 panels were covered by snow varying in depth from 6 inches to 15 inches. Even so, some power was produced. When it finally got above freezing on February 22nd, a big snow slide occurred as the built up snow let go and slid off. Production immediately increased once all 30 panels were exposed. Album Posted March 15th 2015.

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