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The 2002 Travel Albums link presents six different albums. Five of them: Budapest, Other Hungary, Prague, Székesfehérvár, and Tiszadada are galleries of pictures taken on our 2002 July trip to Prague and Budapest. After a week between those two cities we rented a car to discover other parts of Hungary and visit Karen’s Ancestor’s village of Tiszadada. We not only found the village but also actual living relatives; Irene, Janos, Elizabeth, Monika, Orsi and others. Székesfehérvár is where Monika lives and works. The Jacksonville album is from our December 2002 trip to visit my mother and step-father in Florida.

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The 2003 Travel Albums link presents six different albums: Berlin, Netherlands, Belgium, Black Forest Area, Bavaria Area, and Munich. Pictures from our July 2003 trip to these various areas are presented. We visited friends in Berlin, drove to the Netherlands, and then through Belgium to the Black Forest Area where we stayed one night at a castle. Finally we spent some time in Munich and other areas in Bavaria.

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The 2004 Travel Albums link presents eight different albums: Vienna, Slovenia, Trieste (Italy), Croatia, Székesfehérvár, Lake Balaton (Hungary), Tiszadada, and Baradla Cave (Hungary). These are pictures from our July 2004 trip. We spent 3 or 4 days in Vienna then drove through Slovenia towards Rovign, Croatia. We had to pass through Trieste, Italy and never having been to Italy we had to get the passports stamped there. We enjoyed our short three or four hour stay and knew we needed to come back and do Italy right someday. From our Rovign, Croatia base we explored some Istria Peninsula mountain towns and Pula. From there we headed to Székesfehérvár to visit Monika, spent a day at beautiful Lake Balaton and then ventured on to Tiszadada. The Lados family shared a wonderful Baradla Cave excursion with us.

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Our 2005 Travel Albums link is made up of five different albums: Buenos Aires, Guacho Ranch, Iquazu Falls, Yacutinga, and Uruguay. These are pictures from our May 2005 trip. We spent 3 or 4 days in Buenos Aires with a side excursion to the Santa Susana Gaucho Ranch. We then flew to Iguazu Falls to spend a day and night there. A truck brought us to our next destination: Yacutinga Lodge. It was in the sub-tropical jungle, 40 miles from the falls and took us only two hours by bumpy truck on dirt road to get there. Karen was thrilled. She became ecstatic when she found electricity was only available several hours each day and that the spiders grew very large along with the snakes.

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2006 Travel Albums links to ten different albums: London, Paris, Stonehenge And Avebury, Hereford And Area, Wales Elan Valley And Area, Criccieth And Portmeirion Wales, Snowdonia And Area Wales, Dublin Ireland, Ireland Cliffs of Moher Area, and Ireland Countryside. These pictures resulted from a spring 2006 trip going to London, visiting friends in Hereford, England and taking our rental car on the ferry from Holyhead, Wales across the Irish sea to Dublin, Ireland. We spent a day in Paris getting there via the Eurostar from London. Our driving excursions allowed visits to Stonehenge and the Avebury Circles, scenic views of the Elan Valley, an attempt to climb Mount Snowdon, a visit to the "Prisoner" village (Portmeirion), and walks in the Irish countryside and cliffs.

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